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Here’s why you should start your day with a bowl of sprouts

"If you feel too bloated after eating sprouts, steam well and add boiled potato and ghee for better digestion," said nutritionist Lovneet Batra.

How you start your day and what you eat in the morning matters as it also impacts how you may feel throughout the day. Also, your fitness goals are incomplete if not accompanied by a proper diet. So, to ensure you have the best start to your day and also meet your fitness goals, try having a high-protein breakfast, mentioned nutritionist Lovneet Batra. “A high protein breakfast has been shown to benefit muscle health and support weight loss by increasing muscle mass, energy expenditure (calories burned), satiety hormones, glucose regulation and by decreasing the desire to snack at night,” she said.

But, why sprouts?

According to Batra, the sprouting process increases nutrient levels, making sprouts richer in protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and vitamins C and K than un-sprouted plants.

She shared, “For the longest time, I didn’t like eating sprouts but then I found some interesting ways to add it to my meals, sprouts cheela or tikki; but now I simply love this super energising breakfast.”

Here’s why sprouts are a must-have

*Consumption of sprouts ensures a better immune system. With high levels of vitamin C content, sprouts make for powerful stimulants for the white blood cells in the body which are responsible for fighting off diseases and infections, ultimately helping strengthen your immune system. The presence of vitamin A in abundance also helps build the immune system with all the antioxidants they offer.

*It’s important to remember that what you put in your body is what your skin reflects. With sprouts, you’re eating healthy and putting in a lot of much-needed nutrients to make your skin glow.

*Sprouts also help you digest your foods more easily. Sprouting appears to specifically increase the amount of insoluble fibre, a type of fibre that helps form stool and move it through the gut, reducing the likelihood of constipation. It’s best for the gut health as well, she advised.

“If you feel too bloated after eating sprouts, steam well and add boiled potato and ghee for better digestion,” said Batra.

By:Lifestyle Desk| New Delhi


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