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Simple Way To Handle Stress

Most of us struggle from a common disease called stress. Yes, stress is considered a disease by many health professionals, because it is not a disease, by itself, but can lead to many serious health problems like high blood pressure, depression, and heart problems. So, how to combat this stress?

We must have heard of a famous saying; Food is Medicine. That’s right, proper food is the key to a healthy life. In today’s cubicle world, there is an immense pressure on working class, as our work environments are so overloaded. It becomes tough for many of us to strike a right balance. Often, people don’t realize that they are in stress, and this stress drives people to make wrong food choices. People in stress tend to get attracted to junk foods, to name a few, soft drinks, packaged foods, fried food etc., Such foods may seem to keep our mood levels high but they also work on keeping our health problems high. Instead of falling prey to such hazard causing foods, try to eat foods that will actually keep our stress levels down. We should incorporate food like oranges, nuts, spinach, and green vegetables in our daily diet as these are some of the best known stress relieving foods. Also, make it a point to eat meals at proper time, by this we also mean breakfast! Nothing can be better for our health than a proper breakfast. If our stomach is satisfied in the morning, our mood gets better and we are fully charged and ready to face the day. Foods can uplift our mood as well, but we need to be careful about the choices we make. Foods like chocolate, coffee, cheese, cola etc., might be are cravings when we are stressed, but beware, these foods are known as stress aggravators. Hence, next time when you are stressed don’t let it decide your food; instead fight it to make the right choice! P.S: This article is written based on various researches, so don’t consider it yet another online article with baseless facts.



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