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Build immunity with this nutritionist-approved raw turmeric soup (recipe inside)

"Depending on what ingredients you use, they can be healing and can be a delicious addition to your diet," Munmum Ganeriwal said in an Instagram post

The Covid-19 pandemic has made all of us realise the importance of eating healthy food to build immunity, which is the body’s first natural defence against disease-causing bacteria and viruses. A stronger immunity considerably reduces the odds of getting sick. At the moment, when so many of us are trying different things to boost our immunity and fitness levels, we also (at times) crave tasty food, especially with the onset of the monsoon. But healthy food does not always mean boring. There is nothing like consuming a tasty hot bowl of soup that is easy to make and tastes delicious. Munmun Ganeriwal, a nutritionist, suggests a good way to boost immunity with this raw turmeric (kacchi haldi) soup. Treasured for its medicinal value, turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties. Also, if you recently got vaccinated, you can have this soup to build your immunity. “Depending on what ingredients you use, they can be healing and can be a delicious addition to your diet,” she said in an Instagram post.

Would you like to try this easy recipe?


1 tsp – Ghee 1 – Onion, diced 1 tsp – Garlic, minced 2-inch piece – Turmeric, grated 1.5 tsp – Ginger, grated 3 – Carrot, diced 4 cups – Vegetable stock 1 – Lemon slice


*Take a pan and heat some ghee. Then add onion and sauté till it gets translucent. *Add minced garlic, freshly grated raw turmeric (kacchi haldi), ginger, and sauté for two minutes. *Add carrots and sauté again. Next, add vegetable stock and let it simmer for 20 minutes. *With the help of a blender or the back of a spoon, give the soup a good blend and check if the carrots are cooked. *Squeeze some lemon and serve hot.

Easy, right?

Have the soup either in the evening (around 4-5 pm) or have it as your pre-dinner meal, she suggested.

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